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The 10 Hottest Tech Gadgets to Look for in 2018

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While 2017 was a fantastic time for next-gen gadgets and technology of varying scope and scale, 2018 is already shaping up to be even more fruitful. With huge breakthroughs in areas like virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, consumers have a lot of tech gadgets to look forward to in the year ahead.

The 10 Hottest Tech Gadgets to Look for in 2018

1. Oculus Go

Consumer interest in virtual reality has hit an all-time high, but many of the mainstream offerings are still too expensive for most. To remedy this situation, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the Oculus Go. Not only does this move cement Zuckerberg’s position in the VR race, but it might help him achieve his goal of getting a billion people into virtual reality. If you want an affordable introduction to this next-gen technology, the Oculus Go will likely be the best option well into 2018.

2. Fitbit Ionic

You’ve probably already heard of the original Fitbit. Along with the Apple Watch, the first iteration of the Fitbit introduced many consumers to the concept of wearable fitness tech. Well, they’ve been improving their product ever since, and their latest release, the Fitbit Ionic, is their most feature-packed version yet. With a customizable look, different colors and styles to choose from and more technology than ever before, the Fitbit Ionic is the only smart fitness device you’ll need in 2018.

3. Anki Cozmo

If you want to introduce your children to the world of robotics, few products provide a better avenue of approach than the Anki Cozmo. With a retail price of nearly $200, it’s not a cheap option by any means — but its versatility is well worth the cost. The Anki Cozmo can move freely, play games and even cause a little bit of mischief. The device is also fully programmable, so you and your children will be able to learn about computer programming, too!


4. Google Pixel Buds

Personal music devices are at the height of popularity as of late, and 2018 is expected to continue that trend. With more portable devices than ever before, consumers need a high-quality way to listen, and Google has the answer. The Google Pixel Buds aren’t cheap, but there’s a reason for the elevated price tag — they feature integrated Google Translate functionality. Whether you’re traveling the world in 2018 or just enjoying your music collection, it’s hard to beat the Google Pixel Buds.

The 10 Hottest Tech Gadgets to Look for in 2018

5. GoPro Hero 6

The GoPro brand struggled during 2017, but they’re set to make a huge comeback in 2018 — and they’re hoping products like the GoPro Hero 6 will make it happen. Not only does it feature the best image quality of any GoPro product to date, but the new GP1 chip provides twice the performance of past models. If you’re the type who wants to record their action-packed life, the GoPro Hero 6 is what you need in the new year.

6. Navy SEAL Aluminum Wallet

Technology doesn’t have to be complicated to be useful — just look at the Navy SEAL Aluminum Wallet. As far as tech goes, this is about as simple as it gets. The minimalist wallet weighs only two ounces by itself, but it features an RFID-blocking design that protects your credit and ID cards from third-party fraud or theft. Given the increasing amount of cyber-crime across the world, the Navy SEAL Aluminum Wallet is a must-have for any tech enthusiast who values their privacy.

7. LeapFrog LeapReader Junior Interactive Letter Factory Flash Cards

Most of the newest and hottest tech is designed specifically for adults, but the LeapFrog LeapReader Junior Interactive Letter Factory Flash Cards are bucking this trend by putting a new spin on a classic children’s activity. Flash cards used to be boring and uninspired, but this isn’t the case anymore. With built-in audio responses and multiple different games to play, this set will ensure your toddler learns their ABCs in 2018.

8. Amazon Fire 7

Don’t let the price fool you — the Amazon Fire 7 has more functionality than its selling point indicates. Whereas most tablets in this price range are cheaply made, the Amazon Fire 7 is thinner and lighter than previous versions, and it’s also more durable than the most recent Apple iPad. With a seven-inch display, eight or 16 GB of integrated internal storage and support for 256 GB of external storage, this tablet is the only one you’ll need throughout 2018 and beyond.

9. Parrot Mambo FPV

Consumer drones are expensive. They’re also a risky purchase, especially when novices and beginners use them. If you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to break into the hobby, look no further than the Parrot Mambo FPV. With a price just under $200, an easy-to-use remote control and integrated glasses that let you view the world from the drone’s point of view, the Parrot Mambo FPV is perfect for beginners.

10. Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Most carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are bulky, unsightly devices that feature little in the way of functionality or customizability. Apart from their unappealing aesthetic, most of these devices also feature annoying alarms that often go off for no reason at all. Putting an end to this trend is the Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Not only does it perform dual duty by monitoring air levels for both these hazards, but the device features an integrated human voice as the primary alarm.

The 10 Hottest Tech Gadgets to Look for in 2018

Upgrade Your Life With the Latest Tech Gadgets

Not only are these tech gadgets fun and innovative, but many of them can increase your quality of living and make it easier to complete simple or monotonous tasks on a daily basis. From teaching your children the alphabet to automatically translating human speech, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2018.

The 10 Hottest Tech Gadgets to Look for in 2018
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