8 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn More About Science

8 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn More About Science

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From time to time you meet someone who claims that they aren’t very good at learning or that they don’t enjoy learning, or in some cases, both. But it simply isn’t true – people often lose their enjoyment for learning, particularly at school when it can seem like you are learning things that are of no consequence at the time or in the imagined future.

But we all have a large capacity for learning; we enter the world with no innate knowledge, just a few basic natural instincts that give our caretakers a clue that we need something. And amazingly a few years later we are using some of the most complicated concepts that humans have invented such as language and math.

Playtime equals science time

Children learn while playing by pushing boundaries further that previously pushed, by observing and testing out new ideas. In other words, we may call this process when we grow up: science.

Every day, people come up with ideas based on a small amount of evidence, form new hypotheses, test these ideas and analyze the results. Learning is fundamentally an act of science.

Playtime is something that should be encouraged and protected as an important stage of development. We believe that even basic science can teach some great life skills, which is why we think that kids should learn more about science:


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Science teaches children about life

In an ever-complicated world, we should be raising children to have the thinking skills that help to develop a healthy dose of skepticism, the ability to think for oneself and the tools to help children learn about the world around them, and how they fit in. This is why kids should learn more about science.

Ultimately science doesn’t just teach children about science, it teaches them about life, how to form their own thoughts and opinions rather than going along with the status quo.

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Editor’s Note: This post was written by Marcus Clarke.  Marcus is the editor of Psysci.co, which discusses the latest psychology and science topics.  You can follow him on Twitter @psysci_co_uk.

8 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn More About Science
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