Everyday Uses of Elements Quiz

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We use more elements every day than you might realize. If you take a deep breath, you’re inhaling nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, hydrogen and methane. Try our Everyday Uses of Elements Quiz and see how much you know about common elements and their uses. Don’t forget to share your results in the comments below!

Everyday Uses of Elements Quiz

Everyday Uses of Elements Quiz

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Which member of the lanthanide group did scientists name for the asteroid Ceres?

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What member of the metalloid family can we use to create glass and also for cleaning?

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Which toxic metalloid is necessary for healthy human growth and development in small doses?

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Which alkaline earth metal found in dairy products is essential for bone health?

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Which member of the actinides group can we use to generate energy and build nuclear bombs?

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Which transition metal is the fourth most abundant element on Earth?

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Which member of the halogen group found in table salt is necessary for human thyroid function?

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Which of these transition metals is a wedding band most likely to be made of?

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Which basic metal has a melting point so low that it will melt in the palm of your hand?

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What alkali metal can you combine with chlorine to make table salt?

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Which noble gas shares a name with an alien superhero's home planet?

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Which nonmetals can conduct electricity?

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What halogen element will you find in your toothpaste in conjunction with sodium?

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Why are noble gases hard to find?

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What alkaline earth metal can you find in both spinach and car engines?

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Which alkali metal is a mood stabilizer for patients with bipolar disorder?

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Which nonmetal makes up the majority of our planet's atmosphere?

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How many of the rare earth lanthanides have practical applications?

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What element in the actinides group got its name in honor of researcher Marie Curie?

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What slightly radioactive basic metal can you find in your medicine cabinet?

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Everyday Uses of Elements Quiz
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