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10 of My Favorite Science Blogs to Follow

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The internet can be a scary place, yet it’s also a phenomenal resource. You can find information on your hobbies, interests and curiosities. Science, for example, has become a popular online topic in recent years, with science bloggers popping up everywhere. From astronomy to environmentalism, discover 10 blogs you’ll instantly bookmark.

10. Scientific American

Scientific American is an ideal launching pad for those who don’t know where to start. The online version of this iconic magazine covers space, physics, environmental science and everything in between. You can also find articles on current events for accurate, unbiased information.
One recent post details how a blood test could detect seizures hours before they happen due to blood cells’ increase in transfer RNA. For the 50 million people in the world with epilepsy, this test could be a blessing.

9. The Planetary Society

Each space agency has their own blog on current astronomical events. However, if you want to find everything in one place, check out The Planetary Society. These science bloggers spearheaded the LightSail project, a satellite with solar sails that’s in orbit around Earth. This mission proves solar winds are viable transportation for small spacecraft.
The blog recently covered the historic all-woman spacewalk, which took place in October of this year. Christina Koch and Jessica Meir took part in the 421st spacewalk when they replaced a battery change at the International 188博金宝电子游戏 Station (ISS).

8. Compound Interest

Compound Interest might sound like the name of a finance blog, yet it’s a favorite for chemistry-inspired posts. Created by a teacher in the UK, this blog focuses on each element on the periodic table. Learn how chemicals apply to different situations and where you can find them in day-to-day life.
The blog has a series called the “International Year of the Periodic Table.” The most recent post focuses on element 83 — bismuth. Manufacturers use a chemical compound, bismuth oxychloride, to give cosmetics their glossy or matte sheen. You can also find compounds in fireworks and medicines that treat the stomach, like Pepto-Bismol.

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7. Seeker: Earth

Seeker is a blog that covers all sorts of topics. For this list, however, we’re going to focus on Seeker: Earth. In this section, you can read posts on environmental science. Science bloggers cover topics like climate change, conservation and sustainability.
One recent piece highlights how oceans are going nuclear due to climate change. The site compares ocean warming to one atomic bomb explosion per second. It might sound scary. However, this type of information gives us the perspective needed to implement the necessary change.

6. Sky and Telescope

We can’t get enough space, especially when we’re focused on revisiting the Moon. Sky and Telescope is the perfect spot to find updates. It covers everything from NASA announcements to potentially dangerous asteroids heading toward Earth.
You’ll love the current events page, which includes topics like the new VIPER (Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover) robot. VIPER plans to head to the Moon’s south pole by 2022, a project experts estimate will cost $250 million.

5. Discover Magazine

Whether you love science, technology or both, Discover Magazine is the blog for you. Without a subscription, you can access each article on the site’s digital archive. You’ll find something topical for everyone.
Learn about desalination, the process of removing salt from water to make it drinkable. This technology could become essential when freshwater resources become scarce.

4. Nautilus

Bookmark Nautilus if you want a blog that covers physics, quantum computing and much more. The blog’s tagline, “Facts So Romantic,” comes from a quote by beloved author and scientist Jules Vern.
One recent post covers neutrinos, a ghostly particle that outnumbers photons in the universe. After eight years of research and planning, scientists discovered a neutrino can’t weigh more than 1.1 electron-volts (eV) . This is around one-five-hundred-thousandth the mass of an electron.

3. Ask a Mathematician/Ask a Physicist

Do you have a burning math or physics question that Google or your high school teachers just can’t answer? Pop on over to Ask A Mathematician/Ask a Physicist, a blog where an anonymous mathematician and physicist answer all of your questions.
Their most recent piece covers Google’s recent announcement that they have achieved quantum supremacy. The Physicist explains what quantum supremacy is and whether it’s something we need to worry about. All of their posts are based on questions emailed or asked in person by their fans.

2. The Chronicle Flask

The Chronicle Flask might sound like a chemistry website, but the in-house science bloggers cover nearly every topic imaginable. Why can’t we refill plastic bottles? Who discovered the various elements? Find the answers — and more — on this blog.
Plastic, for example, clogs up our landfills. It gets into the ocean and harms marine life. Yet it’s not as simple as refilling water bottles with other beverages. We must actively consider each ingredient in every container. For example, you shouldn’t refill a laundry detergent bottle with shampoo.

1. Improbable Research

Science doesn’t have to be serious all the time — that’s what Improbable Research set out to prove. The goal of this site is to make people laugh and think at the same time.
Check out the recent article on wombat poop. For those who don’t know, this creature creates excrement in cube-form. Why, and does it really matter? If this topic doesn’t pique your curiosity, nothing will.

Do You Love Science? Check Out These Science Bloggers

Check out the 10 science blogs above. Yet remember, they’re not the only ones available — not by a long stretch. Search for blogs on your favorite topics, whether it’s biology or chemistry, and bookmark the best. Don’t forget to bookmark Schooled By Science while you’re saving your favorite sites!
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10 of My Favorite Science Blogs to Follow
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