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What Can’t You Make With a 3D Printer?

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If you don’t know much about 3D printing, prepare yourself. Companies will benefit from 3D printing because it’s a cheaper alternative for manufacturing their products.

3D printing is the wave of the future. There are endless possibilities, and although the technology is relatively new, there are some creative and useful items that you can make now.

Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting items you can make with a 3D printer.

Phone Tripod


The quality of phone cameras is as good as some of the most expensive cameras on the market. You probably use your phone to take all of your pictures. With a 3D printer, you can have a mini tripod that is perfect for your phone. Now you can take professional looking pictures without worrying about it coming out blurry.

Can Handle


You want to take a drink. You really do. But the can is too cold, and the condensation has made the outside of it wet. With a 3D printer, you can make a can handle so you can easily take a swig of your favorite drink.

Tape Dispenser


This is a great item that could come in handy. This nifty tape dispenser can be used for different types of tape, and it makes sure the tape stays straight.

10-Way Drink Dispenser


This is brilliant. Use a 3D printer to create a dispenser that fills 10 cups at once. This is perfect for parties, social gatherings or a depressing night with yourself.

Bag Holder


It’s time to be honest. Every person wants to take all of the groceries into the house on the first trip, and now you can. This bag holder makes it possible to carry multiple bags at once, and it can easily be created with a 3D printer.

Mouth Operated Computer Mouse


The mouth operated computer mouse is probably the most useful item you can make with a 3D printer. People with disabilities can now operate a computer by moving a joystick with their mouth. This fully operating mouthpiece can be printed on a 3D printer.

Scooter Snow Shoe


Have you ever seen a big hill with snow on it and thought about how awesome it would be if you could ride your scooter down it? Probably not, but with a 3D printer you can make this happen, and it seems like a lot of fun. You can use a snow shoe to replace the wheels of your scooter, so you can glide past all of those kids on their boring sleighs.




Guitars aren’t cheap. Some of them cost thousands of dollars, and that’s a steep price to pay for beginners who aren’t sure if they want to stick with their new hobby. Luckily, you can craft your own guitar with a 3D printer. Maybe this guitar won’t get in you in with Metallica, but it’s a cheap way learn how to play.

Camera Lens


Making a camera lens is complicated, but you can do it with a 3D printer. The lens works great and takes incredible pictures. It’s an affordable alternative that doesn’t require a whole lot of work.

Earbud Holder


How often do your earbuds become tangled? I don’t know about you, but this is a reoccurring problem in my life. This crafty earbud holder ensures your headphones never get tangled. They can also make sure the wire doesn’t bend or rip.


3D printing will eventually take over the manufacturing and construction industries. Make sure you’re on board!

What Can't You Make With a 3D Printer?
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