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Are you enthusiastic about science? Do you enjoy reading Schooled By Science? Would you like to share an interesting topic in science or technology? Do you want to raise awareness about a particular scientific topic you are passionate about?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I’d like to get to know you more!

You don’t have to be a scientist to write for Schooled By Science. (But if you are a scientist, you are more than welcome share your knowledge with my readers!) I’m interested in writers who passionate and knowledgeable about science and technology. Here is a straightforward guide for getting content published on my site.

Guest Posting Guidelines

  • SBS consists of 6 main topics – 188博金宝电子游戏 , 188博金宝电子游戏 , Tech, 188博金宝电子游戏 t, Manufacturing/Engineering and Chemistry – and a “fun” category, Everyday Science. I’m interested in expanding the main categories of SBS. I will not accept guest posts about science in fiction or education.
  • Content should be unique and not published elsewhere before, or after it’s published here. I don’t like duplicated content and I will check Copyscape to verify all posts.
  • Content should also be written so that a general audience can understand it. This often involves breaking down complex topics and explaining them in detail. Check out posts on the blog to get a feel for the format and tone. Blog posts are typically between 800 and 1000 words.
  • Posts should reference no more than three or four, highly credible sources (.edu, .gov. Wired, Scientific American, etc.) I reserve the right to remove links that don’t offer readers extra resource materials or valuable related content.
  • Please include the URL to one CC0 photo to use as a featured image. You can find these on sites like pexels, unsplash, and pixabay. The width of the picture must be at least 750 pixels. I won’t accept smaller images, but I’m able to crop larger ones.
  • Sponsored Posts are not accepted.

Ready to Introduce Yourself?

If you are still willing to write for me after all of the above, please follow the following procedure.

   1.  Send me an email introducing yourself.
   2. Please include 3-5 writing samples that highlight your writing style. Note: They must be previously
        published. Please include links in your email.
   3. Include your proposed topic(s) and explain why it should be published here.
   4. Kick back and relax!
         I’ll email you as soon as possible to let you know if I’m interested in moving forward.

If I accept your request, you don’t need to worry about meeting a fast-paced deadline. Please take your time to thoroughly research your topic and present me with your final draft by the end of the last Friday of the month.  However, if your request gets denied, consider it a learning experience and brainstorm more topics that follow the guidelines listed above. I look forward to getting to know you!


Megan Ray Nichols

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